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Open YOUR World!

About The Personal Reflection Exercises

There is some important information in regards to the personal reflection exercises that we didn’t address in Great Mindset Magazine and it will benefit all of our readers.

So, if you enjoyed the personal reflection examples, or you want to really accelerate your personal growth and development, then this information is a must read for you.

First of all, bringing more thought to a subject we write about in Great Mindset Magazine, like the ones we present in quotes and personal reflections, will help you understand more about how you think about a subject.

Writing it out, and reading it afterwards, gives you a sense of looking at your thoughts, and opens the opportunity to discover where they come from. More importantly by doing the personal reflection exercises you’ll soon discover how your thoughts shape your life and the conditions in your life. If you start to pay more attention to those thoughts you will be amazed at how fast you can accelerate YOUR personal growth by better understanding of how YOU think about a subject. 

You see, it is all well that we and many authors, writers, teachers, trainers, coaches, leaders, and those we define as gurus, write or talk with so much passion about a subject that what we say sounds like it is right. THE TRUTH of how things are. That’s because most of us have gone through a low point in life, and generally that’s when you start reflecting on a deeper level about a situation, before discovering a solution, a formula that works, and get back out of that dip.

Because of that personal experience on a deeper level, we are often so convinced that our method will work for everyone, that we forget that not everyone processes a challenge in the same way. 

Whoever you follow, you should never forget that everyone has a past, a mental and emotional luggage that is tainted by personal beliefs and psychological conditioning. Therefore, their life experiences are probably not the same as YOURS! 

What Is The Benefit Of A Personal Reflection?

Sometimes, you read a book, follow a course, attend a workshop, and say “yes, that’s exactly what I needed to hear”… and it helps you make progress and move on, which is great. However, there are moments that we should stop looking for information outside, and instead, rather go “within” to have our own personal reflection on how WE think or feel about a subject. 

What are YOUR OWN thoughts and feelings, not someone elses's...

We are so conditioned to listen to others, that just for a moment, it can be so revealing to listen to One's SELF! That's what these Personal Reflection Examples and Exercises are all about.


Personal Reflections area about YOUR thoughts, what YOU think, how YOU feel...

So, yes please, do the personal reflection exercises as they will bring more transformation to you than the reading of all the information in the world, because...

Thinking for yourself opens YOUR WORLD!

Personal Reflection Examples

The information, workbooks, and personal reflection examples you will find in every edition of Great Mindset Magazine, will help you to better understand who you are, what is important to you, and what changes you can make to live a life that is more of YOUR choosing, and to YOUR personal satisfaction.

Furthermore, we want to say to you, don’t feel obliged to work through all the reflection exercises in the magazine, or in the Personal Reflection Bundle. They are in the magazine, to complement a subject we wrote about. The purpose is to have a better, deeper understanding on the subject of reflection that is proposed. Some will be exactly right for you, and feel like they come at the right time. While others, will not resonate with you. 

That's fine.

Although the personal reflections can seem like they are there for you to make you THINK, and to only use your MENTAL BRAIN, they are also there to make you FEEL and connect with your INNER WISDOM!

Because when you combine thought with FEELING and EMOTION, you are in that moment connecting to your Inner Being, the larger, broader, older, and much more wiser aspect of yourself. 

Learn How To Write A Personal Reflection

The more you do that, the more you train your BODY-MIND-SPIRIT connection… That also means, that the way you FEEL about a personal reflection is as important — we would say, even more important — as the way you THINK about a personal reflection.

Therefore if you FEEL “good vibes” about a reflection exercise, go ahead, as you are in that moment transmitting positive energy that vibrates through every cell of your body (which is healing for your physical body), as well as sending these “positive vibes” out through your 6th chakra system into the Universe, to vibrate and resonate in search for a match with a magnetic field that is activated and waiting to be magnetized…

As for those personal reflections where you don’t feel like going into it, that’s fine too. Just skip them if you don’t feel inspired to do them. However, just a small note, try to feel if you have no interest for the subject at this point in time, or if they don’t FEEL GOOD.

If they don’t feel good, that might actually be a good thing. Although in that moment you might not vibrate positive energy, trying to understand the origin of what it is about the subject that is giving you that “FEELING OF NOT BEING GOOD” is an opportunity to bring some hidden thoughts, beliefs (we call them shadow sides) in your subconscious to the surface, to your conscious mind.

Personal Reflections Are Healing Exercises

Some spiritual teachers say that bringing your shadow sides to the light will make them evaporate, as a shadow can not exist when you bring it in the light. And although there is some truth in it, in reality it doesn’t really work that way, because in many cases a shadow side (belief, behavior, etc.) can be so deeply rooted, that you need to be able to take the whole string (with root and all) to the surface (to the light) to weed it out. It’s exactly as with weeding out your garden. If you can not get the whole string of the weed out, soon it will return... 

When you start doing personal reflections, these hidden thoughts can come from your unconscious mental storage into your consciousness. And if they do, and you’re able to grasp them, it’s an opportunity to deal with them and clean them out once and for all. These are generally the thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors that are holding you back from achieving the goals you have set out for yourself. 

They can be the reason you are holding on to your weight, so you can’t loose it (or your weight comes back on, after you’ve lost it…), they can be your feeling about wealth and money, so you can’t attract it (or you loose it again after you made some…), they can make you procrastinate so you don’t achieve your goals or stop you from doing what you really should, they can be destructive behaviors such as fear, panic attacks, or anger outbursts, they can be the reason you can’t quit smoking, or stop your addiction to alcohol, sex, drugs, or any other addictive or abusive behavior towards yourself or your loved ones.

So, in reality, these personal reflections have great potential for your personal growth and personal development. 

However, at the start you need the desire to see and discover them. Then you need the courage and willpower to ignite the decision to do something about them. However, as we don’t come pre-wired with a lot of willpower it’s easy to dissipate our willpower on non-important subjects, and therefore we need a system, a technique on how to neutralize, delete, transform or destroy the thoughts, habits, and behaviors that hold us back.

And If You Feel You Are Not Ready?

Yes, we know, many teachers will say it’s your fear holding you back, and they will try to push you through, even when you’re not ready. Personally we tend to disagree. Obviously we need to look at it case by case, and person by person, and yes, we all need at times a gentle push to get us moving out of our comfort zone, but that doesn’t mean we need to be pushed off of a cliff!  

Therefore, when you feel to much resistance to do a particular personal reflection exercise, or work on your shadow sides, don’t sweat it. Your main purpose in life is to ENJOY your life, and to find and create your own paradise on earth. Not like we are conditioned to work hard, to suffer, no pain no gain… It is not like that, even if many have gone the hard road, and obviously achieved great gains by going past their comfort zones. But it’s just one way. A way that worked for them, however, it might not be your way, it might not be the way that works for you. 

Many times we see that people who focus on increasing the joy in their life, start to almost automatically solve many other issues that were holding them back before.

That’s why, for example, something as simple as a gratitude journal is in a certain way also a personal reflection journal, and can have such a big effect on someone’s life. So don’t try to overcomplicate things on how to write a personal reflection, and especially DO NOT criticize or belittle yourself, as these are inner voices not coming from your Inner Being. They are generally coming from your parents, your teachers, your political and religious leaders, the stories you read, the movies you watch, and so much more that is influencing your thoughts.

Personal Reflections Help You Become Clear About What Is Important To YOU

Throughout my career as a coach and consultant, I have seen many people skipping the simple things, and focusing instead on the more complicated things, as on the surface they seem so much more interesting to learn about. Although my consulting was mostly in regards to Business Performance Development, they liked to talk about the most advanced and complex strategies to out perform their competitor. 

And yes, I admit it, I like to talk about the advanced stuff too. However, in reality, after analyzing their business, 80% of the time they ware not ready for any of the advanced strategies, as the main basic core elements to create sound revenues ware not in place.

So I had to re-engineer their core belief systems that they were currently operating from. By first showing and then teaching them the difference in starting places. If the basic foundation is built on sand, and we have all heard this before, then anything you build on top of that will soon collapse. So it is with our inner thought system. We must first have a solid and strong structure in place that we can build upon safely. 

It is the same as building a house, you don’t work from the top down, as the fundamental structure of the building has yet to be created. The same goes with your progress of evolution. You need to know the important fundamentals, before you dive into techniques that are so advanced that without the fundamentals in place, they are only satisfying you on an intelligent level, but no real progress is made.

Personal Development And Personal Reflection Go Hand In Hand

The same goes for the Law Of Attraction, in essence it is simple. However, even if we believe in the Law of Attraction, and understand it on a conscious level, many people still can’t make it work.  They still don’t attract the money, the health, the wealth, the relationships, etc. 

Two important reasons for that:

  1. The wrong combination of thought, mindset, and vibration — the flow of energy.
  2. The wrong action or habit — not being aligned with the initially intended flow of energy.

For example, you can think about loosing weight, and imagine seeing yourself thin, and feeling totally happy and excited in that thought, however if you go out and the first thing you do is go to the coffee shop and indulge yourself in cake and ice-cream, guess what the outcome will be?

Therefore, when you do a personal reflection and a negative feeling arises, we advice you to take a note so you store them somewhere for when you are ready, or when you have learned how to neutralize them and transform them. This will change your life beyond what you can imagine right now.

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We hope for you to enjoy life as much as we do!