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Magazine #2

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Editor's Letter

In the Editor's Letter, founder Paul Brighton, invites you to take some time out of your busy day, and dive into the concept of self-reflection and why self-reflection has the potential to really accelerate your personal growth and development.

Self-Reflection (part 1)

Be it for developing your character traits, optimizing your business, improving the way you interact with others, or achieving your goals, self-reflection is one of the most important methods you can use to boost your progress with your personal development plan, because knowing more about yourself will help you to succeed faster.

Binaural Beats

Because of the stressful lives we live today and the amount of stimuli being hurled at us from media and other sources, we're frequently in "overload" mode. We're tired when we need to be relaxing and that automatically shuts off our brain's power to rest, heal, focus, create, learn.

Binaural beats have the power to influence your mental state.

Healing With Hypnosis - A Shortcut To Health?

Many people get the wrong connotation when they hear the word "hypnosis," and assume they'll be enticed to quack like a duck or beep wheneer someone says a particular word.

This is what you see on TV for entertainment - but it's not how hypnosis really works for people using it to decrease stress, stop smoking, or encourage weight loss among many other uses to improve their life.

Feng Shui - How To Create Balance

Finding balance is one of life's great goals, as a well balance life is essential for your personal effectiveness, peace of mind and living well. But it can be as elusive as it is desirable, and you might have wondered how to achieve that balance.

Although balance is something that needs to be found inside, Feng Shui can help optimize the harmony of energies that surround us.

Your Lifestyle Affects Your Memory (Part 2)

Do you live your life at high neck speed? Most people are constantly running around, juggling chores in an attempt to just get everything accomplished each day. If this sounds like you, then you are probably stressed out to the nines. It is time to stop and think about what your lifestyle is doing, not only to your body, but to your brain.

Fitness Trainer Secrets To Reduce Belly Fat

You may have been struggling to lose weight for several months or years... or you may just be starting a journey back to health. You may have noticed the need for change or you may have gotten instructions from your doctor that you need to make changes to protect your future. 

In either case, you know that you need to remove visceral fat, or belly fat as it's more commonly called, to improve your health, reduce your risks, and just plain feel better.

The 7 Secrets To Your Ideal Body (Part 2)

In the first part of the 7 Secrets To Your Ideal Body, we covered secrets one to three. If you've missed them, you can read all about them in our first edition of Great Mindset Magazine.

The seven secrets to your ideal body detailed herein are tried-and-true, gleaned from many years of experience by countless athletes, bodybuilders, and fitness professionals.

How To Become Your Best Self (Part 2)

In this multi-part series, what you're about to learn are the secrets of success which most people will NEVER discover in their lifetime. 

In part one of - How To Become Your Best Self - we cover "How The World Really Works," as we need to bust a few myths, beliefs and thinking processes that holds the majority of our human race back to become their best selfs...

In part two we talk about "How To Harness The Astounding Power Of Thought."

What Comes Extra With The Second Edition Of Great Mindset Magazine

As we mentioned on our home page, Great Mindset Magazine goes way beyond traditional article publishing. Therefore, with each edition of Great Mindset Magazine, you can expect additional workbook, reports, audio files, chekclists or tracking sheets, and much more.

Here's what you get additional to Great Mindset Magazine #2:

33 Tips For Self-Improvement You Can Start Today

You will love the short valuable tips that you can implement in your day whenever you feel like it.

Just read through them, and pick one or two for the day.

Mind Reflection Bundle #2

  • Analyzing past experiences
  • When you close your ears to answers
  • Self-acceptance to appreciate myself
  • My mind
  • I use natural remedies
  • Finding solace at home
  • I can focus better with adequate rest
  • Taking care of myself makes me feel good
  • Exercise is one of my favorite hobbies
  • I am creating a new path for my life


How to GET CLEAR on the things you REALLY want!

This workbook on the topic of getting clear on the things you really want is a perfect compliment to the self-assessment topic in Great Mindset Magazine #2, as well as a good preparation for what is to come in Great Mindset Magazine #3 (all about New Year Resolutions, and how to make them work!).

We also think that this little workbook is a much needed one, as not only do most people not know who they really are (which is the reason for our self-assement topic), but many also don't know what they really want. Just ask around with the people you know...

Obviously, everyone will answer the typical "more money," "better health," and "the perfect partner/relationship..." But the problem with that is that it is to vague, not precisely defined enough.

This workbook is for those that need some help getting started with that part of their creating and manifestation process...


Stress Reduction Brainstorming Sheet and Checklist

It seems in this day and age everyone is affected by some form of stress. Once you learn what causes your stress, you can learn the best ways for you to reduce it and deal with it in a way that feels appropriate for you.

Use this handy checklist and brainstorming sheet to identify your stressors and ways to reduce their effects on you.

Top 10 Food Choices for Burning Fat!

Health & Wellness Newsletter #1 from sistersite

When it comes to burning body fat, losing weight or maintaining weight loss, the foods you choose to eat have a big impact on how your body responds and whether or not it burns fat or stores fat. As one of the topics in Great Mindset Magazine is about losing belly fat, we thought this to be a good compliment.

What Does It Mean To Be An Emotional Eater?

An extra Health & Wellness edition from that we thought would be another great compliment to our health article in Great Mindset Magazine #2

Topics inlcude:

1. What does it mean to be an emotional eater?

2. Belly fat health hazard

3. Mistakes of a low carb diet

4. Benefits of the Paleo Diet

5. Metabolism Boosters

There Is More Than Exercise For Great Abs

Another extra Health & Wellness edition from that we thought would be a great compliment to our fitness article in Great Mindset Magazine #2

Topics inlcude:

1. More than exercise for great abs

2. MUFA weight loss

3. Ab workouts

4. Ab workouts for women

5. Kettlebell ab exercises

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